Thank you so much for the generosity from our friends, family, colleagues, corporations, and supporters who donated to V.I. Disaster Relief!

Here’s a quick snapshot of how your donations have helped victims of Hurricane Irma and Maria since September 2017:

  • Human evacuation
  • Emergency food, water and shelter
  • Assistance to restore infrastructure of electricity, gas, medical, food and schools
  • Financial partner to local non-profits that provide shelter, food and safety to women and children
  • Investment in training, education scholarships, and business consulting to support economic recovery

Our Virgin Island community is still recovering. We hope that you will continue to support us as we work hard to fully restore our community, especially in education, health, and economic recovery.

One of our most effective fundraising avenues has been our ongoing gift program with our friends at NuDown. We hope you can continue to share this opportunity with others by sharing the following link:

Courtesies, Credits, and Thanks



  • Mike Bertolino
  • Clint Gaskins